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Flights to London England»Tourist Attractions in London» Pollock’s Toy Museum

Pollock’s Toy Museum

One of the most renowned museums of London, Pollock’s Toy Museum gained its name after the last Toy Theatre printer of the Victorian Age, Benjamin Pollock. The museum was basically set by Marguerite Fawdry who had bought the entire stock of Benjamin Pollock Ltd. The Pollock’s Toy Museum was positioned at Monmouth Street until 1969; however, later it was shifted to the Scala Street. Formerly, during the initial stage the museum had only one room; however later, with its growth more rooms have been added and the museum was expanded. The new renovated museum is run by the founder’s grandson, Marguerite Fawdry.

The museum is dedicated to the traditional toy theatre of England, and beautifully exhibits the stages and puppets that were used during the shows. It houses all kinds of toys and has been amalgamated from different niches of the world. Though the rooms are not spacious enough yet each and every wall and corner of the museum is beautifully decorated with domestic and international toys. The toys displayed in the two houses of the Pollock’s Toy Museum bring back the nostalgic feeling of childhood to one and all. Every corner and belongings of the museum attracts the visitors to itself. In each floor and room, different varieties of toys are available. The Pollock’s Toy Museum also houses a magnificent toy theatre and toy’s workshop, where some of the toys are manufactured for being displayed.

Some of the toy bears date back to the 19th century and have been well preserved since then. Birth of the most noted soft toy, ‘Teddy Bears’ happened in the Pollock’s Toy Museum itself and have gained recognition all around the world. Famous portraits and caricatures are some other collections and inventions of the Pollock’s Toy Museum. Inhabitants as well as international tourists take out time to visit this beautiful museum. It takes the ‘London Pass’ to enter the Pollock’s Toy Museum without any fee; however adults and children can pay £3.00 and £1.50 respectively to visit this wonderful museum.

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