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London Aquarium

How many of you have got the opportunity of becoming a diver and relish the thrill of undersea view? Definitely not many of you. The exclusive opportunity is knocking at your doors. If you are making a plan to visit London then easily you can avail this opportunity. Just pay a visit to the London Aquarium.

This amazing sea life museum is located in the central London, on the Southern Bank of the river Thames. The name of the main spot is the Country hall. Every year millions of tourists come to this place for the enjoyment of an mesmerizing view.

This place is actually full of gigantic water tanks with a collection of more than 350 species of rare sea fishes. The whole place can be described as a large aquarium which is divided into three floors and 14 separate zones according to the current and temperature of the water. In these aquariums the experts have created artificially the actual environment that exist below the sea level and where the creatures form the sea survive without trouble. From the year 2005 onwards this place is also displaying before its spectators, the robotic fishes.

The greatest benefit that you are going to achieve form this place is of getting a clear understanding about the diversity of life in the unfathomable depth of the sea. Starting form sharks, stingrays and clownfish, to moray eels, lionfish and sideways walking crabs, all these rare species and their strange lifestyle is going to give you understanding about the fact that what is the level of diversity in the underwater world.

Tourist Attractions in London