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Bow Bells

Bow Bells are very famous and they can be ranked almost at the top of the list of great tourist attractions in the world. To find the history of origin of these bells you have to hark back to the medieval period. Actually, these bells are the integral part of the historic church St Mary-le-Bow. At the same location there used to be a church before the arrival of the Normans in the year 1066. Later on some centuries passed and the first reference of Bow Bells we find in 1469 in relation to the construction of the steeple. In the wittings of the famous metaphysical poet John Donne we find the reference of the Bow bells and the poem where the most explicit reference prevails is the famous poem- “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. Later on the Great Fire of London destroyed the church and the bells in the year of 1666 .

But, the Bow Bells were considered by the people of London to be the symbol of their pride that's why very soon it was reconstructed. Under the supervision of the mason contractor Thomas Cartwright the great Bow Bells recovered their lost status. Once upon a time these Bow Bells were used as the signal of curfew in the city. It is a very popular convention among the residents of London that when the bell chimes it actually echoes the rhythm of the famous rhyme:

'Clarke of the Bow belle with the Yellow lockes,
For thy late ringing thy head shall have knockes'
To which they received the reply:
'Children of Cheape, hold you all still,
For you shall have the Bow bell rung as you will.'

During the Great War II, like the whole of London this church and the Bow Bells got damaged due to heavy German attack. But London without the Bow Bells cannot be imagined and that's why with the initiative of the government the damages were compensated. In the year 1961 the electric clock mechanism was installed and the chiming mechanism was introduced in the year 1985.

You cannot afford to miss visiting the Bow Bells because if you miss then you lose too the unique opportunity of becoming an integral part of the pride of London.

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