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Albert memorial

This memorial was built in memoriam of Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert, Prince Albert succumbed to untimely death due to typhoid infection at the age of 42 only. Immediately after his death the British people decided to commemorate the death of the great Prince and that's why the memorial was constructed.

In the construction of the Albert Memorial, the explicit influence of 13th Century 'Eleanor Crosses' can be traced. This place is one of the most gorgeous instances of Gothic architecture in the whole of England and located in Kensington Gardens. Officially recognized as the 'Prince Consort National Memorial', this place reflects the Victorian achievement and Prince Albert's passions and interests. The marble figures that are sculptured in that place are the representations of Europe, Asia, Africa and America's stand at each corner and the other figures are reflecting the excellence of Victorian era in the sectors of manufacture, commerce, agriculture and engineering. But, since Prince Albert used to value the virtues of human nature the most, that's why the gilded bronze statues are the representatives of angelic behavior and virtues of human nature.

Albert's art enthusiasm is reflected in the depiction of sculptures of celebrated painters, poets sculptors, musicians and architects. Throughout the whole place you are going to see tremendous craftsmanship and poetic depiction of the creative genius of humankind. Victorian era is known as the period of of prosperity and excellence. In the reign of Prince Albert the ultimate reflection of all those aspects were visualized most clearly. Therefore visit this place and explore the unexplored artistic sense within yourself.

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