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Pakistan International Airlines

Pakistan is a country, which was born along with Indian independence in the year 1947. During those turbulent moments of the country’s history, the airline was born. In the beginning the airlines was named as Pakistan International. Later on with the passing of time, the name was renamed as Pakistan International Airlines.

In the beginning of its operations the airline used to operate flights to neighboring countries. Now the fleet strength has increased and expanded the network to most of the European countries, Middle Eastern countries, and countries of the American continent and also to some of the African countries. Anyway PIA’s services to the close neighbors are still very much alive.

Finally Pakistan International Airlines was born in the year 1955. PIA authorities are always committed to innovative type of passenger services. The PIA fleets are increasing regularly, but the sizes of the aircrafts are smaller in size. Team of crew members of PIA flights are always dedicated to provide quality services towards passenger amenities. Once the passengers traveling by Pakistan International Ailrines, must cherish the quality services rendered by the crew members of the passengers’ amenities. PIA topnotch feels those having a pleasant experience to travel by PIA flights, cannot forget forever.

Pakistan International Airlines provides a ‘Frequent Flier Programme’ whenever the passenger flies by PIA, special benefit is provided to the passengers who are eligible for this benefit. On very flight the passengers are given award+plus is a frequent flyer benefit.

There is a procedure lying in front of the frequent flyers by PIA. The moment the passengers fly by Pakistan International Airlines, the individual passenger is conferred to earn A+ miles. All the members needed are to keep the passengers upgraded when new tickets are purchased. The more the A+earn benefits earned; the passengers earn the benefit by traveling by PIA. Best way to win the award is buying writing a format to get the benefits.

Pakistan International Airlines offers fun and frolic if the passengers travel regularly through them. PIA arranges for visit to the tourist paradise of Malaysia, shopping spots of US and other countries of Europe.

There is an in flight entertainment with movies, music, duty free shopping, tourist guides on different destinations of the world and updated flight information keeps the travelers updated without being bored at all. PIA also opens various luggage counters for an easy checking in to minimize the hassles of the regular customers. PIA authorities also offer incentives for baggage services for economy, economy plus and business plus travelers.

When the passengers traveling by Pakistan International Airlines are on board, the passengers are served with delicious dishes during the breakfast, lunch and dinnertime.

Business class passengers are provided with extra comfort with quite a huge space to stretch legs and other parts of the body for relaxation.

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