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Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways was set up in the year 1977. With the passing of time, this airline has now earned the status of most respected aviation company of East Africa. The airline has its services around the globe and especially in its flight to London it has its special offer. The airline has been earning kudos during the past couple of years. In the year 2005, the Kenya Airways was voted as the most respected company of East Africa in the year 2005. The same feat was repeated in the year 2006. In the year 2006, Kenya Airways won the African aviation award instituted by the African Aviation Magazine. In the year 2005, the airways launched new flights to Istanbul, Bamako, Mali and Dakar.

In the year 2004, Kenya Airways was crowned with the best in-flight services airlines award selected by Travel News and Lifestyle Magazine. In that year, the airlines purchased first Boeing 777 and the 6th Boeing 767 aircraft.

Kenya Airways has flight connections to most of the major destinations of the world. The destination covered includes stations covering African, Asian and the European countries of the world. Kenya Airways covers major destinations like among the African countries like Dar-es-Salam, Lusaka, Harare, Maputo, Johannesburg, Khartoum and Cairo. Among the European countries the airways covers destinations like Istanbul, Paris and Amsterdam. The flight to London has a special offer. The passenger can travel additionally up to 4246 miles per hour. Among the major destinations of the Asian continent the airline operates flights to are Bangkok, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Mumbai.

Kenya Airways has come out with new type of programs called Fly Blue Programme. The offer pertains to the regular flier with Kenya Airways. There are various criteria’s involved in enrolling for the membership of the Fly Blue Programme. The regular passengers don’t have to pay any enrolment fee. The form is available from the local Kenya Airways Office or on board flight to different destinations of the world covered by the airlines. After completing the enrolment form, a temporary card is handed over to the regular flier of the airlines.

From the Fly Blue Scheme, the customers are benefited in the following manner. The passenger should present the temporary card at the time of checking. Gradually the mileage begins to add up. The customers achieve a member level in flying blue benefit. Thus the passengers of Kenya Airways will be given some exhilarating benefits. The benefits are: Extra Baggage Allowance, special priority on wait listing passengers, free tickets for ordinary and domestic class, and free upgraded benefits for business class. Before boarding the flights, the award ticket form or the upgrade application form has to be uploaded.

Now the passengers availing of the special benefits must have some queries. Flying Blue has four levels of membership, namely Silver Eite, Gold Elite Plus and Platinum Elite Plus. In order to go up, the passengers of Kenya Airways have to travel throughout the full year. Apart from the above, the passengers are given are given extra mileage award known as Award Miles. This means that the passengers can exchange extra mileage for tickets, upgrades and hotel stays which an individual can book for self, family friends and relatives.Passengers, who have enrolled for Flying Blue Scheme, are always informed about the progress of the scheme through internet.

Anyhow the Kenya Airways is on the expansion stage. The Flying Blue Scheme offered to the regular passengers of the airlines, seems exciting. With this kind of scheme the airlines is in a process to generate more revenue and improvising new ways of hospitality to the passengers traveling by Kenya Airways.

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